About us

The Moldova Organic Value Chain Alliance is the premier organization in Moldova that supports thegrowth and success of organic agriculture. We seek to empower Moldova’s farmers and others committed to organic development and our activities span the complete organic value chain. Organic farming has been proven to offer a higher ROI than conventional farming on a sustaining basis. We believe it is the key to sustaining Moldova’s unique soil and growing conditions for future generations and represents great agricultural livelihoods for Moldova’s rural communities.

Our history

The Moldova Organic Value Chain Alliance was founded in 2015 by a small group of innovative agricultural leaders in Moldova who shared a passion for organic farming. This small group believed then – and continue to believe – that organic farming practices represent the best opportunity for Moldovan agriculture. Compared to convention farming which mistreats and diminishes the soil over time, organic farming practices improve the soil and preserve the land for future generations. Organic foods taste better and are more healthful for consumers and better-for-you organic farming reduces pollution, conserves water, reduces soil erosion, increases soil fertility, and uses less energy. Not using synthetic pesticides also benefits the farmers’ neighbors and nearby wildlife.

What we believe

MOVCA believes that the organic agriculture value chain is of vital importance to the long-term sustainability of Moldovan farms and the entire agricultural value chain.  We concur with other worldwide stakeholders that organic farming is the key to truly sustainable farming systems.  Though organic farming in Moldova currently represents a small portion of arable land (circa 1%), we share the aggressive vision and goal of Moldova’s Ministry of Agriculture towards a significant conversion from conventional to sustainable organic product to as much as 25% of arable land by 2030. We are all committed to working together to achieve these aggressive goals. Nature is the model: Organic farming is an ideal production system that integrates cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promotes ecological balance, and conserves biodiversity.

As MOVCA we view organic production as a means to work with the environment and to maintain the balance of the ecosystem.  

  • We recommend solutions that proactively combine best traditional practices with modern innovations;
  • We help stakeholders assess all practices, knowledge, and innovation in the context of risk and investment exposure measured against the strong ROI potential for organic;
  • We provide expertise from more developed organic markets and recommend continuous improvement in all aspects of the value chain, keeping uppermost in mind the impacts on sustainability which includes ecology, society, economy, culture, and accountability;
  • We ensure that the interdependence and real partnerships along the value chain are respected, understanding that organic production includes small scale family farms in Moldova as well as larger enterprises and each has an important voice.

What we do

Our Core Activities

  • Networking among members throughout the organic agricultural value chain
  • Education and training in organic agriculture from planting to marketing
  • Assistance and training in certification (Moldova and EU) 
  • Access to technical expertise throughout the value chain (“From Farm to Fork”)
  • Access to export markets 
  • Building consumer awareness and consumption of organic foods in Moldova
  • Building and leveraging relationships with other partner organizations committed to organic
  • Advocacy with government for positive pro-organic policies
  • Access to funding for specific organic projects
  • Driving the development of organic consumer brands when the Moldovan retail market is optimal

We recently launched two major initiatives which are meeting with great success:

e-Learning Platform

Sales Platform