Programs and Services


MOVCA members have the opportunity to inform the Board of Directors and the executive team about the challenges related to the regulatory framework they face and they will be responsible for documenting and arguing them in front of the decision makers.

MOVCA members can also receive support from the MOVCA team for individual needs at a preferential price.

Connection with key-persons

MOVCA members have the opportunity to participate in discussions with different key actors, depending on their common interests. The Board and the Executive Team are responsible for facilitating contact with the respective key actors and communicating the relevant information obtained to all members.

Participation at business events

MOVCA members receive support from the executive team for participation in fairs, exhibitions, business meetings, etc. Support may take the form of logistical training, promotion and even a preferential price and / or full coverage of certain participation costs (if MOVCA has established a partnership with a donor organization).

Experience exchange

Preferential access to national and / or international experts with whom the association has established collaboration (1 international expert is worth $ 1000 per day).

Access to the contact information of the members of the association.


Promoting members on the association’s website.

Facebook articles about individual members (welcome article, success stories, event participation, etc.)

Posts distributed on the instagram account of the association.

Sales facilitation

Access to sales platform that assures sales on a low sales costs. This project will also promote your products on our local market and also to the national and international exhibitions.

Informational Support

Newsletter with the main news from organic in Moldova. Access to a Viber Group with all MOVCA members who shares valuable information.

Other Services

Preferential cost for MOVCA members for any services provided by the association.