Moldova’s organic agriculture firms offer taste of country’s products at world’s largest organic foods trade show

Six of Moldova’s organic agricultural companies will offer prospective customers from hundreds of countries a taste of high-quality and flavorful Moldovan-produced organic food products at the world’s largest organic foods trade exhibition next week.

The companies are among a delegation from the Moldova’s Organic Value Chain Alliance (MOVCA) taking part in BioFach 2019, to be held February 13-16 in Nuremberg, Germany. More than 3,200 organic foods exhibitors are expected to participate in BioFach 2019, which typically attracts more than 50,000 visitors. All organic foods displayed at BioFach must meet European Union organic standards. MOVCA is a non-governmental, membership-based association for organic agricultural and food products in the Republic of Moldova. MOVCA’s members include growers, shippers, processors, farmers’ associations, distributors, importers, exporters, consultants, retailers, consumers and others.

“We believe that as relatively new market entrants, Moldova’s organic producers can deliver both attractive pricing and quality to customers around the world,” said Alexi Micu, executive director of MOVCA. “Moldova has great products to offer to our customers and we are committed to doing everything possible to deliver cereals, fruits, nuts, wines and more that meet all organic production standards.”

Mr. Micu also said that the European Commission has recently recognized the Republic of Moldova, as a member of the Eastern Partnership, as on par for meeting specific organic marketing standards that are the equivalent of EU requirements.

Ela Malai, Ph. D., vice general director of the Republic of Moldova’s National Agency of Food Safety (ANSA), a Ministry of Agriculture division responsible for ensuring that organic certification standards are met, also will be part of the BioFach delegation. Representatives of the country’s seed industry also will attend, as will one of Moldova’s leading organic pioneers, Boris Boincean, who is MOVCA’s president. In addition, Mr. Micu will deliver an educational presentation during the BioFach Congress describing Moldova’s development as an organic agriculture producer and its market opportunities.

MOVCA member companies participating in BioFach are:

Also participating is Control Union Dnjestr SRL, an independent third-party organization which provides organic certification for nearly half of MOVCA’s members.

MOVCA’s participation in BioFach 2019 is supported by Lichtenstein Development Service (LED), People in Need Moldova and the Agency of Investment of Moldova. MOVCA also has received communication strategy assistance for the project through Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture (CNFA), a USAID-funded organization.

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